Girl Power

Girl Power


Style has often been used as a means of communication. To share our passions and ideals with those around us, and to energize and embolden ourselves. Whether loudly stated with extravagant ensembles or subtly hinted at with under-the-radar details, expressing oneself through clothing and accessories can truly make an impact.

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For Maria Pettersson, the female blogger behind Pilot Maria, making a stylish statement translated into a declaration of self-love and encouragement via small yet mighty Chamilia accents. The Fearless ID Bangle empowers her with strength and confidence while the Petite Characters Miss Adventure Charm reflects her wanderlust personality – all traits any world traveler and Boeing 737 pilot would want to possess.


Feeling inspired? That’s the potential a powerful piece of jewelry can have. Let your womanhood roar with meaningful messages that will encourage you to dream big, live boldly and be your best self. Style with symbolic charms and sparkling add-ons like Reflections Crystal Accent Charms made with Swarovski stones. Follow Pilot Maria on Instagram: @pilotmaria