Chamilia jewelry is created to the strictest quality standards, as we continually pursue the perfect blend of new technologies and old-world craftsmanship. We believe that forming specialized artisanal groups of skilled craftspeople, who work in close teams, enables us to execute the challenging, highly detailed designs we continue to pursue. 

Using only the finest, heirloom-quality metals – solid .925 sterling silver and 14K gold – our dedicated teams create beautifully detailed jewelry.  The lustrous Murano glass used in our glass beads adds playful pops of accent color. Precision-cut Swarovski Crystals bring liveliness and sparkle to charms, revealing a dazzling play of light and deep color.  With the look and brilliance similar to a diamond, Swarovski Zirconia lends a classic, fine jewelry sensibility.

All Chamilia jewelry is hand inspected at multiple points throughout the manufacturing process to ensure that each customer is getting our very best.  To guarantee that our fine jewelry metals also meet the highest legal standards, we require several crosschecks in our commitment to international laws for mining, labor and environmental practices.

Our Chamilia Blush collection is expertly crafted from an innovative alloy consisting mainly of copper and silver with a warm blush tone, the products in the Chamilia Blush collection are then each encased in a layer of 14k rose gold electroplating for a high shine, long lasting finish.  As the plating wears, the pink tone will continue to shine through.

As a Swarovski company, Chamilia is fortunate to be supported by experts around the world to deliver impeccably-crafted collections.  Our brand upholds Swarovski’s legacy of quality and craftsmanship. To explore our history and values, visit our Heritage page.