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Disney beads by Chamilia will warm anyone’s heart. For those wanting to connect with their inner child, Chamilia’s exclusive Disney Collection is for you.

This collection features timeless classics and new favorites in a range of beautiful materials. From unforgettable characters like Mickey and Minnie Mouse to newer friends like Thumper and Nemo, Disney beads make a fun addition to Chamilia bracelets, necklaces, or earrings.

Whether you prefer beads made from bright-colored enamel, shining sterling silver, swirling Italian Murano glass, or brilliant SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, the Disney-Chamilia Collection is perfect for adding a touch of your childhood to your Chamilia story while capturing your inner style. Choose from a beautiful assortment of whimsical hanging beads, jeweled Mickey Mouse beads, or a sparkling reminder of Disney’s motto, that dreams really do come true.

Disney jewelry can transport you back to the happiest place on earth and to the most magical time of your life. With Disney beads, be constantly reminded of the value of innocence, laughter, and dreams.

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